Thanks to our expertise in organic fruit processing industry and special dehydration technology we bring unique products for food and cosmetic industry.

1. Food

Since our core products came from fruit dehydration category, we have created an umbrella brand for our end users’ fruit snack products: chips, bars, candies

Our brand always singles out 3 good reasons to use our product:

  • It stands for a healthy, organic snack
  • It has 3 fruits in a bag
  • It does not contain: added sugar, added fat, additives, preservatives, gluten, citrus or ascorbic acid

We present


Organic Chips

Basic Aroma: Sweet Apple, Tangy Apple and Pear

Sweet Apple & Natural Flavors: Cinnamon, Vanilla, Ginger,

Tangy Apple & Natural Flavors: Raspberry, Mint

2.Organic Ingredients for Food Industry supplying.

  • Organic Powder

Fruit and Vegetables range
Carefully developed levigation technology which preserves all nutritional elements of the product.
Powder range:
Apple, Pear, Carrot, Cucumber, Raspberry, Blackberry, Strawberry…

  • Osmotically Dehydrated Organic Fruit

Drying technique in continual osmotic system.

Without added sugar – treatment in concentrated organic fruit syrup.

We have developed two special categories:

  • fruit in organic juice
  • fruit candy with 100% organic fruit content in additional drying procedure

Osmosis range:
Carrot, Mango, Raspberry, Blackberry, Wild Strawberry, Cherry, Plum…

3.Organic Ingredients for Cosmetic Industry supplying.

  • Organic Cellular Water
  • Essential ingredient for cosmetic industry
  • 100% natural
  • Completely adapted for skin care, hair care and anti – aging procedure

ANF cellular water exceptional facts:

  • only certified organic plant material
  • unique technological system - dehydration process in the low temperatures and additional condensation for extraordinary quality
  • highly concentrated product for maximum level of aromatic molecules and active components

Our cellular water is full of: Cocktail of vitamins C, A, E, D & B, minerals, alpha hydroxyl acid, pectin and essential oils.

Organic cellular water range:

  • Cellular water Organic Apple
  • Cellular water Organic Pear
  • Cellular water Organic Carrot
  • Cellular water Organic Cucumber

All Natural Foods carefully developed each of presented products. You may require additional choice and our team will create it for you.


4. Production Equipment

We are proud to present cutting edge innovation technology for drying.

Carefully designed equipment preserves initial structure of fresh fruit, its nutritional and organoleptic quality

  • New Generation Condensational Continual Automated Dehydration System
  • Dried product Hibernation Chamber
  • Continual Osmosis System
  • Vacuum condensation batch drying system
  • Vacuum cooker

Innovation features

  • Fully automated continuous drying system for absolute control of the drying process
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • CIP – Clean In Place – automatic washing system for the dryer
  • Waste management – Separation of waste material
  • Separating condensate – all condensate obtained in the drying process can be further processes, producing natural aromatics that are a rarity on the global market

Key features

  • No change in the color or size of the dried product
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Capable of simultaneously recycling different kinds of waste during the drying process
  • Cost efficiency of the entire system (reducing time needed for drying)
  • No additives
  • Less working space requirement
  • Work force optimization
  • All metal parts are made of stainless steel (AISI 304)